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When your decision wheather you’ll stay or leave depends on one single news.

documentary film 75 min | Serbia | 2013

Cinematography, written and directed by: Sonja Blagojević
Producers: Svetlana i Zoran Popović
Edited by: Nemanja Babić, Sonja Blagojević
Sound design: Aleksandar Protić
Music composed by: Milan Sv. Đurđević
Production: CVK KVADRAT

After “Joe Goes To Serbia”, the most engaged and the most unexpected Serbian documentary in past several years, director Sonja Blagojević and producers Svetlana i Zoran Popović are presenting the most courageous and the most complex documentary film about rarely spoken matter in usual coverage of Kosovo – about everyday life omitted from news and politics.

Life transformed into FM frequency sounds, observed by radio ears capturing voices of those who are voicless and non existing in official media. From simple everyday life to fantastic sights of living tradition that springs out of the deepest and the most beautiful leyers of time, space and human experience.

KOSMA is a vivid fresco depicting clashes of lyrical and epic and dramatic in unique mixture of gloomy grayness and burning colours emerging from amazingly beautiful sights.

KVADRAT is a production house equiped for work on fiction and documentary films. Until now over 500 short fiction films and more then 200 documentaries were made. They are different in genres and styles.

The first coproduction film was the feature film WANDERLUST by Želimir Žilnik, made in 1997.

A documentary omnibus BELGRADE SOUND, a colective work from the year 2000, was one of the first feature documentaries in Serbia.

Two documentaries, a short, LONG JOURNEY HOME and a feature, HOMECOMING, were made in collaboration with the non-government organisation Group 484 and under the patronadge of the Danish Refugee Counsil, both on the subject of the return of Serbian refugees to Croatia.

The thirty minute documentary, NOTHING BUT FREEDOM, about the famous rock band, the Partybreakers, made in 2007, won the Best camera award on the Belgrade Documetary and Short Film Festival. The feature documentary JOE GOES TO SERBIA, another coproduction, won the Best Serbian documentary award and the FIPRESCI award on the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival. And these two films together brought the Best production award to KVADRAT.

The feature documentary under the working title NOVI (V)ETAR is in production.