Explorational Documentary Film Workshop

CREATIVE TREATMENT OF REALITY is an explorational workshop intended for all those interested in documentary film, but it is mostly for those participants who already have a certain level of film education and experience. The workshop group should be up to 15 participants. The wokshop is prepared and ran by Svetlana i Zoran PopoviŠ, film directors, producers, pioneers of the first documentary workshops in Serbia, as well as festival directors of "The Magnificent Seven" European Documentary Film Festival. The workshop is held at KVADRAT from 15th to 30th August 2011.

The workshop is focused on different artistic and narrative approaches in the contemporary documentary accompanied by screenings of famous films. Specially invited guests, documentarists, will also participate.

Modern documentary already reigns the film spaces of Europe and the world and has become dominant in independent film productions alltogether. The new, contemporary documentary runs deep into the pores of life and educates everyone again and again, both the authors and the audience, invoking acquaintance and understanding of the world we live in.