Centre for Visual Communications KVADRAT

Centre for Visual Communications KVADRAT is a film production and education firm. It’s ran by Svetlana and Zoran Popoviæ, both film directors, producers and professors. Centre for Visual communications’ Film School was established in 1990 as the first private film school in former Yugoslavia, and today is the only one supporting the alternative education – students get their own films instead of diplomas after they pass their studies.

KVADRAT first started documentary workshops for film students and young film makers during the nineties in former Yugoslavia. During the twenty year period, since 1990, more then one hundred short documentaries and hundreds of short feature films have been made. Some of these films were among the most succesful in Serbian film production on national and international festivals in the last two decades. KVADRAT’s activities influnced contemporary Serbian production and estetics of young Serbian documentarists.

KVADRAT became one of the first members of EDN (European Documentary Network) from Serbia. In collaboration with the first director of EDN, Mr. Tue Steen Müller, and Sava Centar, KVADRAT has started the first European feature documentary film festival in Serbia – THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – in 2005.

Applying for the new couse has already started. Look for more information on our page – school.

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